Money Coach Denise Li shares how her Taiwanese American upbringing shaped her money mindset, saving strategies, and investing.


Guest Biography

Denise Li is the author of The Ocean Accepts All Rivers: Life and Money Lessons from my Taiwanese American Upbringing. She's a Bay Area native, an introvert, a feminist, a philosopher, a diversity evangelist, a theater enthusiast, and a raging liberal. She's a Governance, Risk, and Compliance Analyst in Information Security by day, and moonlights as a money coach and educator. Her mission is to financially empower by sharing her wealth of financial knowledge, cultural insights from her background, and mindset tips for growing wealth passively. She presents her knowledge at webinars and fireside chats, and emphasizes emotional health as foundational to financial health.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Cultural differences from table manners to money mindsets
  • Money lessons from a Taiwanese American, including a Chinese proverb
  • Tactical tips for saving and investing

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Money Tip of the Week

  • Tips for resisting keeping up with the Joneses.

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