In China, a robot has passed the written test of their national medical licensing exam, an essential entrance exam for doctors, making it the first robot in the world to pass such an exam. While many people will worry about how this will affect jobs in the future, the initial impact should be extremely positive in assisting doctors to analyze data faster and more comprehensively than ever before. This could also help to reduce healthcare cost while improving outcomes.

Its developer iFlytek Co Ltd, a leading Chinese artificial intelligence company, said that the robot scored 456 points, comfortably passing the required mark by 96 points. The robot can automatically capture and analyze patient information and make initial diagnosis. The company said that the robot will be used to assist doctors to improve efficiency in future treatments.

Liu Qingfeng, chairman of iFlytek, said, “We will officially launch the robot in March 2018. It is not meant to replace doctors. Instead, it is to promote better people-machine cooperation so as to boost efficiency.”

The company is conducting a pilot project with the Anhui Provincial Hospital to see how the AI robot can assist doctors in real medical cases.

“General practitioners are in severe shortage in China's rural areas. We hope AI can help more people access quality medical resources.”

JP Morgan bullish on China

JP Morgan's chairman and CEO for Asia Pacific, Nicolas Aguzin, is extremely bullish on the prospects of China and their innovation in technology is one of the biggest reasons. Aguzin expects China to have at least a quarter of the world's top 500 companies, and account for 20 percent of GDP within a decade from its current World Bank estimate of more than 14 percent.

“There is a lot of creativity and innovation in China, a lot of new businesses emerging every day,” Aguzin added. “A lot have innovative concepts that have not yet been seen in other parts of the world, such as in insurtech.”

He said his banks’ areas of focus will be the technology, health care and consumer sectors, particularly Chinese companies related to artificial intelligence, autonomous tech, and internet banking.

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