Long-time online entrepreneur, Yaro Starak shares how he’s built successful businesses, launched start-up companies, and invested his money.


Guest Biography

Yaro is the co-founder of InboxDone.com, an email management company with a team of 25+ serving clients including restaurant owners, venture capitalists, accountants, doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, car retailers, online coaches, and more.

Yaro has made 30+ angel investments in tech startups including Steezy, LeadIQ, Fluent Forever, FitBod, and Nutrisense, has property investments in Canada and Ukraine, and in partnership built a 3.6MW solar farm.

During the mid-2000s Yaro sold his first company, BetterEdit.com, then built an online education business, Blog Mastermind, selling over $2 Million of his books and online courses, as he traveled the world, living in 26 different cities.

Yaro has been featured in SkyNews, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Foundr, and hundreds of media outlets and events.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Finding the right blend of money, freedom, and passion for a business
  • How crypto trading profits led to a solar energy project in the Ukraine
  • Yaro’s latest business venture that helps people to achieve Inbox Zero

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