Business Name

Inspired by an international historical reference

As published at CEO Blog Nation

“The name is inspired by an international historical reference in combination with something closer to home.”

Runnymede is the famous historical site that witnessed, in 1215, King John’s sealing of the Magna Carta, a symbol of freedom from oppression and the cornerstone of liberty in the English-speaking world. The ideals of protecting natural rights of liberty and property are a good fit to the money management business where trust and integrity are paramount.

There is another, lesser known, explanation behind the firm’s moniker too.

“I like that in addition to the historical significance of Runnymede, there is a personal connection because our family home of more than 40 years is located on Runnymede Road. A business is deeply personal, a reflection of its employees’ personalities, and we strive to make our company a safe and welcoming place for all of our clients – just like home.” – Samson Wang, President