Garrett Marrero and Melanie Oxley poured determination and long hours into building Maui Brewing Company and were named 2017's Small Business Association's Small Business Persons of the Year. 

Guest Biography

Garrett Marrero is Co-founder & CEO of Maui Brewing Co. Garrett makes sure to drink the local beer everywhere he travels. For him, great beer reveals elements of the personality of a place and, hopefully, reflects a vibrant part of the local economy. It’s also the reason why, on his first visit to Maui in 2003, Marrero refused to accept the fact that Maui’s “local” beer was actually made on the U.S. mainland and shipped to the island. An investment consultant with bachelor’s degrees in economics and international relations, and an associate’s degree in finance, he recognized an opportunity to create a niche product in an untapped market. A beach kid from San Diego, he also saw in Maui a chance to live near some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Garrett and his wife Melanie opened Maui Brewing Co. in January 2005 with a seven-barrel brewpub and 30 employees in the West Maui community of Kahana. Over a decade later, Maui Brewing is Hawai‘i’s largest craft brewer and one of its fastest-growing companies, employing more than 400 people, producing 53,000 barrels a year, and retailing its beers in 23 states and 10 countries.

Show notes:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • While owning a small business may not be easy, it can be well worth it.
  • The benefits of having a belief system and larger movement behind your company.
  • Why educating your consumer can be so important.


Maui Brewing Company

Garrett Marrero

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