The financial sector is going through massive change as consumers adopt new behaviors like peer-to-peer payments, digital banks, and cryptocurrencies. We talk big data, millennials, and finances with Barbara Leflein, founder and president of her own market research and analytics firm.

Guest Biography

Barbara Leflein is President and Founder of Leflein Associates, Inc. a Certified Women’s Owned Enterprise, an award winning full service marketing research firm.

As Creative Lead, Barbara oversees the design of forward-thinking and challenging research solutions for a diverse range of media, B2B and tech companies. The most elaborate of those projects was the creation of the Total TV Audience Monitor or T-TAM. T-TAM was a diary-based national TV measurement service, sponsored by ESPN, which captured TV viewing wherever it occurred in and outside the home.

Most recently Barbara presented the results of a WE tv sponsored study on Women’s Empowerment at the Advertising Research Foundation’s Advertising Avoidance event.  The study focused on how and why brands should align themselves with women’s values.  As cultural matters experts Leflein has conducted original research on millennials and social causes in order to assist brands and ad agencies become better corporate citizens; these learnings are shared through a series of corporate “Lunch and Learns.”

Leflein research studies have been cited in Adweek, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and the Huffington Post among other trade publications and national news outlets.  Barbara has personally conducted hundreds of focus groups and brainstorming sessions with consumers and creatives on advertising, programming, concept development and media behavior.

Show notes:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How companies are using big data to more effectively engage with consumers.
  • What a recent survey says about Millennials and Finances.
  • What we can all learn from Millennials, their strengths and challenges?

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