Travis Rosbach, the founder of Hydroflask and Tumalo Group, talks about the adventures, triumphs, and tribulations of entrepreneurship.

Video Episode Premiere 2022-03-08 At 10PM ET On Inspired Money!

Guest Biography

Capt. Rosbach has spent the last three decades enhancing his entrepreneurial skills. Throughout the years, Mr. Rosbach has been proud to invent and found Hydro Flask®, work as a business broker, fly as an Airline Pilot, is an active Professional Speaker, and start The Tumalo Group, providing sourcing, advising, and consulting.

His clients include various industries, celebrities, individuals, and even countries. He not only shares his tradecraft with others but also practices it in the many startups in which he is currently involved.

Besides Entrepreneurship, Mr. Rosbach’s experiences include:

  • SCUBA Dive Master/Instructor (PADI 158190)
  • US Merchant Marine Boat Captain (50 Tons)
  • Commercial Airline Pilot (ATP)
  • Long-Standing World Explorer
  • Oregon Contractors License
  • Hawaiian REALTORS License
  • Yoga Instructor (500 Hour Hatha and Kundalini)
  • Reiki Master

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Can we bring manufacturing back to the United States?
  • What Travis is most proud of looking back at Hydro Flask.
  • Challenges that Travis faced when selling his company… spoiler alert – it pays to have a great attorney.

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