Joe Saul-Sehy and Emily Guy Birken, authors of Stacked, talk about money mistakes, time lining goals, and why laughter is good in personal finance.


Guest Biography

Emily Guy Birken is a former educator, lifelong money nerd, and a Plutus Award-winning freelance writer who specializes in the scientific research behind irrational money behaviors. Her background in education allows her to make complex financial topics relatable and easily understood by the layperson. Her work has appeared on The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Kiplinger's, MSN Money, and The Washington Post online. She is the author of several books, including The 5 Years Before You Retire, End Financial Stress Now, and Stacked: Your Super Serious Guide to Modern Money Management, written with Joe Saul-Sehy. Emily lives in Milwaukee with her family.

Joe is a former financial advisor (16 years) and represented American Express and Ameriprise in the media. He was the “Money Man” at Detroit television WXYZ-TV, appearing twice weekly. He’s appeared in Bride, Best Life, and Child magazines, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Detroit News, and Baltimore Sun newspapers. He’s also appeared online in more than 200 different places, including and

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Money mistakes to avoid
  • How to effectively timeline your goals
  • Budget meetings and Joe’s insights from having twins in college

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