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In Episode 7 of the Inspired Money Podcast's live stream series, “The Timeless Investment: Exploring the World of Luxury Watches,” hosted by Andy Wang and produced by Bradley Jon Eaglefeather. In this captivating episode, we are joined by an illustrious panel of experts—Dan Spitz, Ariel Adams, and Carl Kim—to delve into the fascinating world of luxury watches, a timeless investment for the discerning individual.

LEp 7: Inspired Money Live – The Timeless Investment: Exploring the World of Luxury Watches



In this episode, we explore the intricate art of watchmaking, the stories behind iconic timepieces, and the nuances of the luxury watch secondary market in 2023. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the world of horology, this episode offers a comprehensive guide to understanding and investing in luxury watches.


Segment 1: Exploring Watchmaking: Craftsmanship Meets Innovation in Luxury Timepieces
Journey through the evolution of watchmaking, where engineering meets beauty, tradition embraces modernity, and time is cherished. This segment serves as an introduction to the art form that transcends utility to become something profoundly human.

Segment 2: Legendary Watches Unveiled: The Stories Behind Iconic Timepieces
Step into the world of iconic watches, each with its own unique story. This segment is a tribute to the beating heart of an industry where art meets science, tradition meets modernity, and time itself becomes a canvas for human creativity.

Segment 3: Building a Luxury Watch Collection: A Comprehensive Guide to Strategies, Ethical Choices, and Overcoming Challenges
Navigate the complexities of building a luxury watch collection. This segment focuses on strategies, ethical choices, and overcoming challenges, offering a holistic approach to collecting that reflects your values, tastes, and aspirations.

Segment 4: Mastering the Luxury Watch Secondary Market: A Comprehensive Guide to Buying and Selling in 2023
Unveil the secrets of buying and selling luxury watches in the secondary market. This segment provides a roadmap for navigating both opportunities and pitfalls, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Segment 5: Timeless Treasures: How to Care for Luxury Watches for Generations
Embark on a journey to ensure the longevity of your luxury watches. This segment offers practical tips on regular service, polishing, and ethical considerations, making your timepieces timeless treasures for generations to come.

Guest Profiles:

Dan Spitz:
A multi-talented individual, Dan transitioned from being the lead guitarist for Anthrax to a world-renowned luxury independent watchmaker. His life is a testament to transformation and endless possibilities.

Ariel Adams:
The founder and Editor-in-Chief of aBlogtoWatch, Ariel brings over a decade of experience in the watch industry. Known for his “working-class” and honest approach to watch journalism.

Carl Kim:
A data scientist by profession and a watch enthusiast by passion, Carl has built a community where he shares insights, reviews, and industry secrets through his YouTube channel “My Watch Journey.”

May this blog article serve as your guide and inspiration in the fascinating world of luxury watches. Mahalo for joining us on this captivating journey!

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