You may be wondering if you are in the right place. Did the Runnymede blog suddenly switch gears and turn into a fitness blog? Now don't you worry, we are still writing about finance and investments but we also believe in 4 pillars of health — physical, mental, spiritual and financial. While the blog focuses on financial health, we believe that you should work on the other pillars as wells. I thought you may find this interesting because I did when I saw this short video by Bloomberg writer Aki Ito who tried 17 wearable technologies in her quest to get fit.

I admit that I have been on a health kick myself since last fall when my pants were getting tight around the waist so I'm tempted to look for solutions especially tech enabled ones. I have been using my Fitbit One for a couple of years now and enjoy competing with friends to see who can get the most steps each week. I routinely get beat up by the Terminator and other dominators, you know who you are, that are stepping 20-25k steps per day, but they keep me motivated to push myself to higher levels, at least on occasion. I picked up kickboxing this year and recently purchased Hykso punch trackers. Now I can see my progress in terms of power and intensity every time I work out.

Aki Ito's favorite tech product was the Moov which she thinks has the potential to replace a personal trainer. It helped push her to run harder than before with the AI trainer speaking in her ear as she ran. It looks really cool. Their other tracker the Moov Now gives you real-time audio coaching for running, cycling, cardio boxing and swimming. One verified reviewers on Amazon said they lost 42 pounds in one month! I might have to invest the $60 and give it try.



“Fitbit” by Janitors is licensed under CC BY 2.0