My favorite baseball writer Rob Neyer had a ongoing segment at called “”Wednesday Wangdoodles”” where he provided links to interesting articles around the web that he felt one should read about America's pastime. In my homage to Neyer, I will breathe life back into Wangdoodles from an investment perspective. I will help point you to interesting investment and financial articles that are worth a few minutes of your time. Hope you enjoy.

    • BMO Capital Markets strategist Brian Belski has predicted that the current bull market will run for 10 more years! He's expecting 10.5% average annual returns from the stock market. What target does that put on the Dow? A staggering 44,000!!! If you want to see his reasons why, then check out this piece from Businessweek.
    • Perhaps Belski will be correct because Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen says that it isn't her job to fight asset bubbles. I guess the Fed will help inflate them, but will leave the rest of the problem in the hands of regulators. 
    • The ECB is working on their own asset purchase program which may come in the next few months.
    • The Bank of England's Mark Carney has been criticized for flip flopping on his forward rate guidance, but it appears that he will raise sooner than later. Goldman Sachs believes that Janet Yellen will follow suit in the third quarter of 2015 — their previous forecast was for the first quarter of 2016. You shouldn't be surprised that the central planners are the focus in this first edition of Wangdoodles. Their easy monetary policy is pushing asset prices higher regardless of fundamentals.
    • Business Insider's Joe Weisenthal shows three charts that shows inflation is right around the corner. The charts look convincing and we have already pointed out that food inflation is already here.
    • You often hear that trading volumes are down significantly. This is highly unusual for a market hitting historic highs. Take a look at 5 charts that help explain the vanishing volumes.
    • JP Morgan released their top stock picks for the 2nd half. The 49 names include familiar names like Apple, Disney and Facebook. But the list also includes a couple surprises like B2Gold and GasLog.
    • Best of luck to my wife's native Argentina in today's World Cup semifinal against the Netherlands. Not only do they play world class football, but their stock market was the best performing for the first half of 2014! Who would have thought with all the debt default headlines?

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