Meet Franck Raharinosy, an entrepreneur and ping pong player who has worked in event production, media, fashion, hospitality, writing, and film. When talking to him, it doesn't take long to realize that passion drives his actions, and he strives to make a positive difference in the world. He co-founded SPiN ping pong social clubs with best friend Jonathan Bricklin, Andrew Gordon, and Susan Sarandon.

Guest Biography

Franck Raharinosy is a socially-driven entrepreneur and co-founder of the ping-pong social club, SPiN. “If you’re a ping-pong fanatic, this is your spot” hails the Examiner, while the New York Times describes SPiN as a “relaxing home away from home.”

In 2009, Franck turned his passion and love for ping-pong (a love so deep he even trained for the 2012 Olympic games) into a playful, yet successful, career. A self-titled “Naked Ping-Pong” loft party for friends (no one was naked, by the way) sparked the idea for the ping-pong social club, where everyone from grandmothers, to 7 year-olds, to Drake, to Bieber, to Prince, has picked up a paddle. With locations across the United States, SPiN continues to grow, creating a place to socialize, celebrate, and connect through a game that transcends age, gender, and boundaries. Before SPiN, Franck pursued a successful career in filmmaking and fashion.

Franck grew up between France, Reunion Island and Madagascar and has called New York home for the past 20 years. He graduated with a degree in marketing and business management from the Ecole de Gestion et de Commerce on the tiny island of the Indian Ocean, Reunion.

Driven by passion and curiosity, Franck has managed to build a life out of turning his passion and purpose into business ideas that span genres.

SPiN, his most recent business venture, is a ping-pong club that was inspired by his never-satiable love for sports and competition, as well as connection. What started as an idea for a party in 2006, has turned into brick and mortar ping-pong clubs sprouting up across the United States, where club-goers can indulge their own love for sports and play. Franck’s appreciation for style and sportswear motivated him to design and sell his own fashion label to Barney’s in the early 2000’s. Franck has produced award-winning documentaries like The Entrepreneur and Waiting for Mamu and self-published a book of creative writing in 2014. Franck recently completed a screenplay inspired by his personal journey and has been acting and collaborating with some inspiring filmmakers.

Franck’s career far outshines what he dreamed it could possibly look like as a child growing up between Reunion Island, Madagascar and France.

Show notes:


In this episode, you will learn:

  • Keeping an open minded to things that come and welcoming them helps to ring in new opportunities.
  • SPiN was born out of FUN and PASSION. The essence is still there. Passion is an ingredient to living an inspired life and with inspired money.
  • It takes a team of great partners to build a business; and then, the focus isn't just on making money but also supporting communities as much as possible.

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