Kyle Winey, author of the book HACKiversity, shares practical tips for students including how to select a school, best majors, and tactics to land your dream job upon graduation.

Guest Biography

Kyle Winey is an author dedicated to improving the way students approach college. Best known for his uber-effective college approach, Kyle's book – HACKiversity – has helped many students achieve more by doing less in college. This means less student loans and fewer hours spent in the library, while scoring better job prospects and more personal fulfillment. A graduate of Penn State University and George Mason School of Law, Kyle has worked for a Wall Street Bank, drafted multi-million dollar business transactions, and served as a law clerk for one of the most prestigious judges in Virginia. Kyle has been named “40 Under 40,” an award given to the most innovative and influential young leaders in the DC Metro Area. Kyle serves on the board of directors and advisory boards of several non-profits and startup companies.

Show notes:


In this episode, you will learn:

  • What it means to play the extremes when it comes to selecting your school.
  • The GPA Rule. What the optimal GPA that will increase the chances of landing your dream job?
  • How tweaking your goals and priorities can help you achieve more by doing less in college.

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