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If you do not have time to read everything that we publish, at least read these 10. “Best” is rarely the same as “popular,” but here we let the market decide. According to our readers, these are the best Runnymede blog posts of 2014:

  1. 7 Things To Do Right Now Because Your Personal Data Is Under Attack
  2. The Best and Worst 529 College Savings Plans of 2014
  3. How Much To Pay a Fee-Only Advisor? A Look At Average Annual Fees.
  4. An impartial review of the Allianz 360 Annuity with 360 Benefit Rider
  5. First Half 2014 in Review: Melt up!
  6. A Look Inside Captive Insurance Companies' Investment Portfolios (2014)
  7. Angry variable annuity owners seek restitution
  8. Barney Stinson's investment philosophy is legen… wait for it… dary.
  9. Three Reasons to Combine Old 401k and IRA Accounts
  10. Eerie 1929 Chart is Scaring Wall Street

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