There are over 500,000 podcasts according to Apple Podcasts which means that if you can think of a topic, there's a good chance that there's a podcast about it. You can get super “meta,” for example, there are niche podcasts that talk about niches. Or if old songs strike your fancy, you might check out Centennial Songs / The Antique Phonograph Music Program.

When it comes to personal finance and money, there are a variety of shows that address different topics. Rather than publish the usual “best of” list that you can already find elsewhere on the internet, we asked personal finance podcast hosts what episodes are their most popular and favorites. Read on, give a listen, and if any resonate with you, please leave a comment below to share your thoughts.


Podcast name: Optimal Finance Daily
Host: Dan
Launch date: February 2016 (625 episodes)
About:  It’s difficult to find time to read blogs. Our podcast gets permission from bloggers to narrate their articles so listeners can take a break from staring at a screen! Some of the most popular financial bloggers are narrated on our show, including Philip Taylor, Mr. Money Mustache, Ramit Sethi, JD Roth, The Mad Fientist, and a lot more!
Most downloaded episode: 531: Five Life-Giving Truths About Living Simply and Saving Money by Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist
Favorite episode: I can’t pick a favorite because then I’d be picking a favorite blogger, and I love them all!
Podcast name: Money For the Rest of Us
David Stein
Launch date:
May 2014 (213 episodes)
About: I created it to teach about money, how it works, how to invest it and how to live without worrying about it.
Most downloaded episode:
188: Should You Pay Off Debt Or Invest
Favorite episode: 179: Free Markets and the Great Famine
Podcast name: Her Money Matters
Host: Jen Hemphill
Launch date: June 2015 (147 episodes)
About: To provide women a safe space to learn & gain confidence while mastering their money. This podcast is unique as it doesn't just talk about what we normally hear (how to budget, save, pay off debt) but rather dives deeper into the subject of personal finance with solo episodes and interviews with experts in the different areas of finance as well as people sharing their own money stories and journeys.
Most downloaded episode: HMM 38: How To Save Like No One Is Watching
Favorite episode: HMM 54: A Money Conversation With My Husband Johari Hemphill
Podcast name: FIRE Drill Podcast
Gwen & J
Launch date:
September 2017 (95 episodes)
We interview guests with epic side hustles, real estate investors, early retirees, online business owners, and other inspiring people rocking financial independence. We break down complex concepts into easy to understand actionable steps delivered in a fun, easygoing conversational style.
Most downloaded episode:
An Ordinary Man Gained $650k in 7 Years | Andy from Marriage, Kids, and Money
Favorite episode:
Become a Millionaire at Dollar Tree and other simple e-commerce strategies | Brianna Moller Greene on Amazon FBA and Ebay
Podcast name: Marriage, Kids and Money
Host: Andy Hill
Launch date: Oct 2016 (91 episodes)
About: I created my podcast to strengthen my marriage, become a better Dad and grow our family’s wealth… and to connect with others who want to do the same. Each week, I interview personal finance experts, millionaire entrepreneurs and hard working parents who are working to give their families the best life possible.
Most downloaded episode: Forget Divorce and Become a Legendary Couple with Kids
Favorite episode: How to Become the Multi-Millionaire Next Door – with John from ESI Money
Podcast name: Richer Soul – Life Beyond Money
Host: Rocky Lalvani
Launch date: January 2017 (81 Episodes)
About: I created the show to teach my kids about life and the lessons we learn too late. The American Dream doesn’t create happiness for most people because it’s someone else's dream. We talk about how to use our money to live life with purpose and intention.
Most downloaded episode: Richer Soul Podcast Begins Today
Favorite episode:
Ep 0072 Intentionally Raising Financially Savvy Kids with my Daughter Geeta
Podcast name: Financial Grownup
Host: Bobbi Rebell CFP®
Launch date: February 2018 (73 episodes)
About: Financial Grownup with Bobbi Rebell CFP® is about the human connection to money. The short,  podcast (about 15 minutes) drops three episodes a week and features high profile guests, including Kevin O’Leary, David Bach, Kathryn Minshew (The Muse), Chris Hogan, Jean Chatzky Rachel Cruze, Rebecca Jarvis, Farnoosh Torabi and more, sharing personal and candid money stories. Guests share specific ways for listeners to apply lessons from the story to their own lives. The show also always includes a useful everyday money tips that listeners can put into action immediately. Financial Grownup wraps up with host Bobbi Rebell, a Certified Financial Planner, giving listeners specific advice and resources related to the topics covered.
Most downloaded episode:
 Getting it right the second time around with the Muse CEO Kathryn Minshew
Favorite episode: Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reveals how he got top billing over Lady Gaga, and making $50k in 2 hours
Podcast name: Retirement Starts Today Radio
Host: Benjamin Brandt
Launch date: October 2015 (58 episodes)
About: I launched my show because “I teach people how to retire.”
Most downloaded episode: 5 easy steps to become a 401k millionaire
Favorite episode: Are you ready to ROCK retirement?
Podcast name: Beyond The Dollar
Sarah Li Cain & Garrett Philbin
Launch date:
October 2015 (58 episodes)
Garrett and Sarah wanted to carve a space where people can talk more about the emotional aspects of money. We want it to a place where friends can openly chat about our finances bleeds into every other aspects of our lives.
Most downloaded episode:
Can Money Buy You Happiness?
Favorite episode:
On Trust Funds and the Challenges With Being Rich – An Interview With Megan Gill
Podcast name: Michelle is Money Hungry
Michelle Jackson
Launch date:
August 2016 (54 episodes)
To encourage women to live their best lives through entrepreneurship, income growth, and entrepreneurship.
Most downloaded episode:
How to Grow Your MLM Business Without Being Annoying
Favorite episode: 
All – like all my episodes
Podcast name: Inspired Money
Host: Andy Wang
Launch date: September 2017 (49 Episodes)
About: Inspired Money is different from other personal finance podcasts because we don’t want to just learn how to live with money. Our mission is to put money and inspiration together to help us do better, live richer lives, and make the world a better place. Tune in for inspirational interviews, interesting people, and valuable takeaways.
Most downloaded episode: 007: An Actor's Spiritual Path to Success and Happiness | Linus Roache
Favorite episode:
017: Setting Small Goals to Achieve the Extraordinary | Colin O'Brady
Podcast name: Lifestyle Builders
Tom & Ariana Sylvester
Launch date:
February 2018 (46 Episodes)
About: The show is for people looking to create their ideal lifestyle through entrepreneurship. In coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs, we've found a lot of people start a business to create a better life for themselves and their family, yet the business ends up taking over their life. In the show, we discuss topics related to creating a successful business as well as a successful life.
Most downloaded episode:
Working From Home With Kids
Favorite episode:
Implementing Systems & Processes
Podcast name: The Personal Finance Show
Host: Beau Humphreys
Launch date: Launched March 2017 (41 Episodes)
About: I created this show to have great conversations about personal finance and to hear personal finance stories from many different people. The hope is by listening to other people tell their story, lessons can be learned by listeners and financial literacy increased.
Most downloaded episode: Episode 37 – The Future of Payments
Favorite episode:
 Episode 28 with Shannon Lee Simmons
Podcast name: Live Financially Savvy
Atiya – The Savvy Accountant™
Launch date:
February 2018 (22 episodes)
About: I created the podcast to help others in my community live their best financial lives. I am passionate about helping others build generational wealth so I want to help them reduce debt and build their net worth. I'm here to help them Live Financially Savvy!
Most downloaded episode: Tiffany Aliche aka The Budgetnista talks about Dream Building
Favorite episode:
I love them all! But I really enjoyed my episode on life insurance because so many people in my community don't know enough about it. Episode 5: Ebony Ruffin talks about protecting your life
Podcast name: Young Smart Money
Host: Apple Crider
Launch date: May 2018 (12 Episodes)
About: Teach young people about entrepreneurship by hearing from entrepreneurs that are just starting out and finding success.
Most downloaded episode: What Do You Really Need (ClaireRekow-McKee Interview)
Favorite episode: Starting A Business In College (Cody Berman Interview)
Podcast name: Master Passive Income Podcast
Host: Dustin Heiner
Launch March, 2018 (15 Episodes)
About: I created the podcast to teach people how to invest in real estate and quit their job with passive income. The show teaches everything about rental properties and how to create a terrific business so you can be successfully unemployed.
Most downloaded episode: How to Start Investing in Real Estate Rental Properties with No Money and No Credit
Favorite episode: How to Quit Your Job Investing In Real Estate
Podcast name: The MapleMoney Show
Tom Drake
Launch date:
July 2018 (4 episodes)
I created The MapleMoney Show to help Canadians with all aspects of their personal finances. The podcast covers what I consider to be the four pillars to creating lasting financial freedom — how to make money, save your money, invest that money, and spend money wisely.
Most downloaded episode:
Millennial Struggles with Money, with Jessica Moorhouse
Favorite episode: 
How Being Laid Off Could Become the Best Thing for your Income, with Pat Flynn
Podcast name: The Money Exchange
Host: Patrina Dixon
Launch date: April 2018 (3 episodes)
About: I created my podcast to bring helpful financial information about everyday financial topics to our listeners which is available at their convenience.
Most downloaded episode: How the Masons Paid Off $92,000 in student loan debt in 4 1/2 years
Favorite episode: I love them all!


Did you find your favorite show listed here? What are your favorite personal finance podcasts?

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