Tidal wave of fund flows heading for mainland China

We all know that China has risen to the 2nd largest economy in the world; however how many China A-Share stocks do you own? The answer may surprise you. The answer is likely none. Even if you own an international ETF or mutual fund, the fact is that the main benchmark index MSCI doesn't include any China A-Share stocks from the Shanghai or Shenzhen exchanges, the 3rd and 8th largest in the world.

GSAM: bullish on stocks, especially emerging markets

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of returning to the New York Stock Exchange for the second time in a week. Last Tuesday was for opening bell and this time it was closing bell with the Aussies ringing the bell for Australia Day. Thanks to Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) for the invite and the insights on their market outlook for 2018. Their tag line for this year is “Pro-growth, Pro-equity, Pro-reality.” They share our

401(k) Tune Up: How to Lower Your Fund Fees

Runnymede has increasingly been serving as a fiduciary advisor to companies' 401(k) plans so I continue my series of articles on how to tune up your retirement plan.  The intended audience is the company and its trustees that sponsor the plan but participants are also advocating for better plans.  It is our hope to help employers optimize and better manage their retirement plan.  In doing so, we seek to help employees achieve their goal of

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Just say No to front end load mutual funds

When we started the Runnymede blog a couple of years ago, our number one priority was to educate investors about investments and finance. Since then, we have received hundreds of questions. We take pride in answering each and every one of them. Last week, I reviewed a woman's investment portfolio who asked, “Are my fees huge for the investments that I have?” After a bit of quick research, I was shocked by the results. In

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The bond bull market is alive and kicking

2013 was a brutal year for bond bulls. After Ben Bernanke mentioned the word taper in May, bond investors rushed for the door. From June to December 2013, bond mutual funds saw staggering outflows of $176.8 billion. Pimco's flagship Total Return Fund posted a 1.9% decline, its first down year since 1999. That fund saw its assets shrink by over $41 billion in 2013. Many proclaimed that the bond bull market was over and left for

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